Creative Work

My debut novel, WILD AND DISTANT SEAS, is forthcoming from Norton in 2024! Stay tuned for more details.

Fiction and Comedy

I, Your Elder Millennial Professor, Used to Be Pretty Good at this Technology Shit” (The Belladonna Comedy, 2022)
Plus: My interview with The Belladonna!

“Spell”: A short story featured in the anthology Evergreen: Grim Tales & Verses from the Gloomy Northwest. (Order here or from your favorite indie bookstore!)

“You’re Probably Wondering How to Help at Your Child’s School, Now that the Aliens Have Landed”: A satirical piece featuring a PTA president soliciting parent help in buying school supplies and defeating an invading swarm (The Belladonna Comedy, 2020)

“Whir”: A story about a woman who discovers a robot hiding in her bathroom light fixture (Moss, 2017)

“The Hoodoo Mountain Howler”: A serialized, family-friendly story written for the Inland 360 newspaper about two friends who go looking for legend and find a creature in need (2017)

“The Earthling”: A flash-fiction piece about an alien selected to learn about American college life (5×5, 2016)

Columns and Essays

“To explore the truth, you’ll need to look very, very closely” (The Inlander, July 2022)

If you tune the radio dial in carefully enough, you can see your 13-year-old self in your 13-year-old son” (The Inlander, April 2022)

How to be a freelance writer after you’ve quit your full-time job in the Great Resignation” (The Inlander, February 2022)

“Send the Rich Away Empty”: A column about Christmas … and other things. (The Inlander, December 2021)

“Where I am in space”: A column about chronic illness (The Inlander, October 2021)

“Does your mother know?” A column about swimming and parenting. (The Inlander, August 2021)

“In the tomb of a saint, I thought about Twitter” (Spokane Faith & Values, August 2021)

When the pandemic’s past, will we mend our real-life communities or keep up the social media brawling?” (The Inlander, April 2021)

“For the needle-phobic, it’s time to grit our teeth and shine” (The Inlander, February 2021)

“Let’s make 2021 the year of giving up”: A column about tossing out illusions. (The Inlander, January 2021)

“The pandemic has given the class of 2020 one final educational course”: A column encouraging high school and college graduates to embrace the unconventional lessons of life in lockdown (The Inlander, June 2020)

“Our Spring”: A column about mourning my children’s independence at the beginning of the pandemic (The Inlander, April 2020)

Seeking Narnia in the time of the coronavirus“: A column reflecting on the C.S. Lewis’ “How Are We To Live in an Atomic Age?” “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” and preparing my children for the beginning of the pandemic. (Spokane Faith and Values, March 2020)

“Montana”: An essay about what you can see from a vista near my home (Hippocampus, 2018)


Idaho to Italy: A blog about my family’s summer in Italy through my university’s Faculty-Staff International Development Award program.

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