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I have more than 15 years of experience as a professional writer, including more than 10 years writing for higher education clients. My strengths are features, profiles and science writing, and I have experience with annual reports, email marketing, newsletters, executive communications and fundraising writing. I’m currently prioritizing alumni magazines and web features, but I’m open to all sorts of higher ed work.

To inquire about a project, fill out the form on my Contact page.

Here is a selection of my recent freelance projects for colleges and universities:

University of Michigan

New Hope for Patients with Rare Epilepsy (Medicine at Michigan magazine, Spring 2022)

Stanford University

A new course examines scientific and cultural representations of disease (Stanford Report January 2023)

Digitization projects at Stanford Hopkins Marine Station library give researchers insight into the history of Monterey Bay (Stanford Report September 2022)

Stanford Hopkins Marine Station’s new biodiversity mission (Stanford Report August 2022)

In art and science, absorbing the vastness of the human experience (I wrote this and five other profiles of graduating seniors for commencement 2022)

Stanford celebrates 13 women’s history makers (I wrote the copy for this website/Instagram series for Women’s History Month 2022)

Washington State University

In summer 2022, I was the substitute Dr. Universe — a friendly cat who answers science questions for kids — at WSU

Why do we have toenails and fingernails?

Why do we get sleepy when we study?

Why does time fly when we are having fun?

How are sea animals affected by water pollution?

How does electrical power travel through metal?

How do ants communicate with each other?

How can plants help rivers?

How come some rocks are easy to break and some are hard?

Whitman College

Whitman College is a liberal arts college in Walla Walla, Washington.

Visiting Writers Reading Series Connects Students to Acclaimed Authors (Winter 2022)

When Giving Back Just Makes Sense (Whitman annual report 2022)

Going Deep: Rick Smith ’02 explores and shares the planet’s stories (Fall 2022)

New Dimensions: Inspiring Students to Imagine, Create and Play Digitally (Fall 2022)

Whitman Debate Has a Way With Words (Spring 2022)

Small Towns, Big Hope (Spring 2022)

Exploring the History of Belonging (Winter 2022)

Whitties Support US Team on the Slopes at Beijing Olympics (February 2022)

A Gift For Future Success (Whitman Annual Report 2021)

In the Paint: Artist Aaron Hazel ’07 explores the human experience through his work (Fall 2021)

John Johnson: The Time Is Now (Fall 2021)

Creating on the Edge (Spring 2021)

Touched beyond words: Professor Álvaro Santana-Acuña explores the creation and power of a literary classic (Winter 2021)

Music and History Blend Together for Conductor Paul Luongo ( Winter 2020)

Heather Wright ’99 Loves the Collaboration and Challenge of Life as a Volcanologist (Spring 2020)

Whitman Biology Professor Gets to the Heart of Heart Health (Spring 2019)

Central Washington University

Communities of Possibility: First-gen Students Inspire Friends, Family Back Home (Crimson and Black magazine fall 2022)

Voyage Magazine Summer 2022 – I wrote six feature stories, including the cover story, for this edition of the CWU College of Business magazine.

University of Idaho

From 2012 to 2017, I was the full-time science and research writer at the University of Idaho. Here are a few of my favorite stories from that time:

Geology Goes to Mars (2017, CASE VIII Gold Award winner for feature writing)

Evolutionary Computation: Undergraduates from across disciplines team up to bring evolution to video games (2017)

Engaging with Saturn (2016)

Thriving in Wildfire Country (2016)

Your Brain in a Blizzard (2016)

Spinning Manure into Money (2015)

It’s Hard Not to be in Awe of Yellowstone National Park (2015)

Chance Discovery, Amazing Possibilities (2015)

Discovering Geckos’ Sticky Secrets (2014)

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